Story of Shaka

The origin of "SHAKA" is commonly defined between two stories of men and their cultures.  Detailed below in order of date not importance or bias, the story of the Shaka is told.  Shaka Sauce and its brand principles draw parallels to each unique story by recognizing that the Shaka is a sign of respect and compassion towards others.  ​
Shaka kaSenzangakhona also known as Shaka Zulu was one of the most influential monarchs of the Zulu Kingdom. Being conceived during the act of ukhulobonga or "the fun of the roads" for unmarried couples.  His illegitimacy outcast him and his mother to smaller settlements.  In this place he was initiated into fighting units and later served as a warrior under the power of Dingiswayo.  It was his preferred method of diplomatic pressure in defending the smaller tribes against the raids of Ndwandwe that made him a legend.  Occasional strategic assassinations and engaging in battle was the alternative if social and propagandistic methods were not met.  Ironically, the result of his death by assassination from his two half brothers, led to a chain event of murder and turmoil for the Zulu Nation in the years to come. 
Hamana Khalili of Laie, Hawaii lost his middle three fingers at a local sugar mill while running machinery.  In the effort to keep his kindred spirit a part of the company.  He remained on as a welcoming host.  As he waved and greeted visitors, the local children would imitate his gestures.  
Later adopting the hand gesture as a marketing ploy to sell cars.  Lippy Espinda used the gesture in commercials and also as a popular star in episodes of Hawaii Five-O and the Brady Bunch.  His use and that of the visiting surfers from California and Australia furthered the popularity of the Shaka.